Check, Your Check Engine Light!

When Your Check Engine Light Appears On Your Dashboard? Don’t Ignore It!

It is a warning, that means there is something wrong with your car. It could be an issue with the transmission, various sensors, emissions, ignition or other problems with other components that are important to your car running safely and efficiently the way it should.

This light illuminates for a reason. It will not tell you what the problem is but will alert you that you should have a certified technician perform a diagnostic check to determine the source of the light and the malfunction that is causing the light to come on. The problem could be something as simple as a loose gas cap or as serious as a major engine fail. Just remember it is a safety feature that is there to warn you and protect your car of any potential damage that may have occurred.

Think of your check engine light as a beacon of safety. How you react or how fast you react to the light coming on could mean the difference between a small repair to a major repair that could be very expensive.

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Wouldn’t You Like To Know How You Will Be Treated By Your Next Auto Repair Shop Visit?

Wouldn’t You Like To Know How You Will Be Treated By Your Next Auto Repair Shop Visit?


Here’s What OurClients Are Saying….

Nancy M. - I took my car in for regular maintenance on a Friday. My husband couldn't get home till right at 5:30pm closing time. Ed stayed so we didn't have to wait all weekend to pick-up the car. Thanks Ed Shelton.

Michael S. - Just relocated from Charlotte and needed to have the car inspected and an oil change. Made the reservation on line, showed up at the 8:00am time and the team took care of everything while I finished coffee and a donut. These guys have a great waiting area. Thank you so much ... Michael S

Anthony W. - Service was excellent and Michelle the customer service representative was exceptional with her excellent social skills. Terry the service advisor was also awesome and professional. He gave some important itemized and detail maintenance advice as my guide

Rasheeda J. - I have been a VA Automotive customer for almost 10 years if not more. They have always been honest and fair with the service they rendered. Me and my family have always been in good hands when it comes to our repair needs with Chris, Brian and the wonderful Ed! Thanks guys!

Charles B. - I really appreciate the work that was done on my car as well as the transparency in communication. A lot of shops take advantage of females but that wasn’t the case here and it is greatly appreciated. Chris was awesome as well as the young lady who was in there with him. Thank you for being attentive and thorough I will definitely do business with you in the future.

Bill K. - There simply is no auto repair shop as efficient, customer centric, or honest as VA Automotive. Many other shops make such claims only to be disappointed with the actual service. Ed lives to please his customers and actually delivers a fantastic customer experience each and every time.

There are many similar reviews that our clients have given us about the excellent service they have received. So the next time you are nervous about what repair shop you would have work on your vehicle, please contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable and professional Client Service Representatives at Virginia Automotive Service. “We Take Care Of Cars And The People Who Drive Them!”

We thank you very much for your continued support!

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