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Car Battery Install Replacement and Testing Glen Allen 23060

Has your vehicle been sitting for an extended period of time? This, along with extreme heat and cold, can affect your Glen Allen car battery. If you are wondering about jump starting your car battery, charging your car battery, or if it's time for a new car battery we can help. Glen Allen car battery services with trusted ASE certified technicians aka "Glen Allen Mechanics" can keep your car starting and running reliably.

Did you know that leaving electronic components or lights on can drain the battery? You should not leave GPS or cell phones plugged in; this can also run the battery down.

Car Battery Glen Allen 23060

Glen Allen Car Battery

Here are a few tips to help you know if it’s time to replace your vehicle’s battery:

  • The vehicle cranks slowly or makes a clicking sound when you are trying to start it
  • Check the date on the battery
  • The check engine light or battery light comes on
  • Electrical components, like the vehicle’s radio, dashboard lights, power windows, windshield wipers, or           headlights not working
  • Is there a rotten egg smell when the vehicle is running?
  • The battery is leaking, swollen, or the terminals are corroded

Many of the electrical components and systems on vehicles today will not work properly if the battery is dying. Our Glen Allen mechanics are continually learning about the new technology and tools available to test, service, or replace your battery. It is so important to have a professional to change the battery so that there is no damage done to any of the computerized components.

Car Battery Install Glen Allen 23060

If your car battery hasn’t been changed in a while, our ASE certified technicians can test it to see if it needs to be replaced now or can wait. Typically, a car battery lasts approximately 3-6 years. If you are having to jump-start more often or it’s completely dead there may have another problem. You may have an issue with your charging system or alternator. Let the technicians at Virginia Automotive Glen Allen 23060 help you get your automotive running its best.

Glen Allen Car Battery 23060

Since 1978 we have been here and continue to learn and work to keep up with all of the changing technology. If you are experiencing battery problems, Glen Allen mechanics are here for all your automotive service and repair needs. Phone: (804) 622-0410