Check, Your Check Engine Light!

When Your Check Engine Light Appears On Your Dashboard? Don’t Ignore It!

It is a warning, that means there is something wrong with your car. It could be an issue with the transmission, various sensors, emissions, ignition or other problems with other components that are important to your car running safely and efficiently the way it should.

This light illuminates for a reason. It will not tell you what the problem is but will alert you that you should have a certified technician perform a diagnostic check to determine the source of the light and the malfunction that is causing the light to come on. The problem could be something as simple as a loose gas cap or as serious as a major engine fail. Just remember it is a safety feature that is there to warn you and protect your car of any potential damage that may have occurred.

Think of your check engine light as a beacon of safety. How you react or how fast you react to the light coming on could mean the difference between a small repair to a major repair that could be very expensive.

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Why Is My Car Air Conditioning Blowing Hot?

Why Is My Car Air Conditioning Blowing Hot?

Summer heat can wreak havoc on your car’s interior cooling system. Your AC system needs to blow hard and cold at the push of the button. If it doesn’t, you should have it checked by an honest, reputable and professional service and repair center. There could be various problems with your AC system. Anything from leaks of refrigerant to a faulty fan, condenser, compressor or other electrical issues. Please do not try and recharge your AC system with a store-bought kit. It could do more harm than good to your system. So when it’s 90 plus degrees outside, you’ll love the cool inside of your car when your air conditioning system is working the way it should on those long hot summer days. So if you are having problems, our expert Virginia Automotive Service technicians can keep you cool all summer! Give us a call at 804-977-0105 or 804-554-3806.

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