Check Engine Light

Most yellow lights on your dashboard are warning lights and most red lights are emergency situations. Neither should be ignored.

If your "Check Engine Light" is on in Richmond Virginia, don't ignore it. You have a great opportunity to save a lot of time and money by coming in and getting your car or truck diagnosed. If you put off repairs associated with your check engine light, issues often get worse and become more expensive. Bring your car into our car repair shop in Richmond VA.

Dashboard Warning Lights

Your dashboard warning lights in your Richmond VA vehicle are there for a good reason. They will let you know that something needs attention immediately. If you have any questions feel free to call us and ask about an appointment. If towing is needed to keep from additional damage we can help. Warning lights on most vehicles are often yellow and give some form of idea what the issue may be with their shape or acronym. These indicators will not give you enough detailed information to know exactly what is wrong but it will help you. Sensors in newer cars are connected to computers which can then display the general reason for the Warning light in your Richmond VA vehicle.

Emergency Light

Your Car's Emergency Lights in Richmond VA will give you a good indicator that something major is happening to your vehicle. Driving further can likely cause more damage to the vehicle. Immediate attention is a VERY good idea and towing can be arranged if you have any doubts. Paying attention to your dashboard Emergency Lights can save you a lot of money. Bright red lights are glaring for a reason, they can be as simple as a sensor which needs replacing or can indicate something serious. Either way it is a great time to get our Richmond VA mechanics to analyze your car to give you all the options so you can save the most money. Our experienced staff and top of the line computerized diagnosis equipment will analyze all your dashboard emergency lights and check engine light in your Richmond VA vehicle.

Dashboard Lights Warning Emergency

Indicator lights like "Check Engine Light" or Dashboard warning or Emergency Lights are an important part of letting you know that your Richmond VA vehicle needs attention from a qualified mechanic. Ignoring them often allows any issue to get worse and cause expensive repairs. Occasionally Richmond vehicle owners will get an analysis of a bad sensor and then they put off the repair as the light stays on. The dangerous part of putting off a repair is that the warning, emergency or check engine light is that it then blocks your ability to see NEW issues that can arise. As new issues arise the same indicator light is lit, however you do not see any visible difference. Getting your car's indicator lights diagnosed quickly and accurately at our Richmond VA car repair shop is your best chance of saving your money and bringing your peace of mind.

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