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Car Inspection in Richmond VA

Car Inspection in Richmond VA

Virginia State Inspection -- Annual Inspections -- Cars, Trucks, Trailers

Did you know the state of Virginia requires annual inspections of ALL motor vehicles? This includes commercial vehicles, transport vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, and semi-trailers. Annual inspections are required every twelve months, from the month of initial inspection or purchase date. Official inspection stickers are to be displayed on the windshield or designated area of all Virginia registered vehicles. Inspection stickers expire on the last day of the month without regard to weekday or weekend. If your vehicle is registered in Virginia, you are responsible for maintaining a current approval sticker. Reminders are not mailed. "Inspect early-Avoid delays".

Annual Car Inspection in Richmond VA

Virginia Automotive of Richmond is proud to be a participating licensed Virginia State Safety Inspection Station for cars, light passenger trucks & trailers. We offer a comprehensive twenty-one point inspection in our premier auto repair facility. The $16 inspection service performed by our certified technicians includes: 1). Brakes 2). Parking brake 3). Headlights 4). Other lights (all illuminating lamps) 5). Signal device 6). Steering and suspension 7). Tires, wheels, and rims 8). Mirrors 9). Horn 10). Windshield and other glass 11). Windshield wiper and defroster 12). Exhaust system 13). Rear license plate (illumination of rear plate) 14). Hood and under the hood (operation of hood latch, emissions system, brake and steering fluid levels, and power steering belt) 15). Air pollution control system (for vehicle model years 1973 to present) 16). Driver's seat 17). Seat belts 18). Air bag and indicator light 19). Doors (right and left side of driver's seat) 20). Fuel system and 21). Floor pan. Approval sticker and certificate of receipt are provided upon the successful completion of the annual safety inspection.

Virginia Car Inspection

Virginia State Car Inspections

Vehicles that do not pass the annual safety inspection receive a "rejection" sticker. Repairs are required to be completed and the vehicle needs to be re-inspected within fifteen days of "rejection". Here at Virginia Automotive in Richmond, we offer both major and minor general repairs. Our ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certified Technicians are able to handle and service any defects found during inspection. We service both foreign and domestic vehicles in our family owned and operated facility. Call today to schedule your Annual Safety Inspection. Our friendly, professional staff eagerly awaits to serve your automotive needs!

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