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Brake Repair in Richmond VA

Brake Repair in Richmond VA

Disc & Drum -- Pads & Shoes -- Emergency

Brake repair in Richmond Virginia has been at the core of our automotive services since we opened. As a locally owned and operated shop we know it's important to bring quality and service to our customers. Our Mechanics in Richmond strive to provide the highest level of value to every repair. Our convenient scheduling, shuttle and car care club means a great value for all your break repair needs; disc, drum, emergency and parking in Richmond VA.

Brake Repair Advantages in Richmond VA

Our experience and service in the automotive industry sets us apart from other brake mechanics in Richmond VA. Since 1978 we've been training and building our service and precision computerized diagnosis and repair equipment. Being locally owned and operated makes us an intricate part of the community as we live here, shop here and work here. Our Richmond repair facility.

When to Change your Brakes in Richmond Virginia

Our experience with Brake services in our Richmond VA shop can fill your needs no matter the condition but it's best to service them at the first sign to save you money. When you hear a squeal or "Eeeeek" that may be the first sign that your brake pads need replaced. This is the best time to bring your vehicle in for service. Repairs are affordable and easy at this stage as it is usually only the pads which need replaced.

When you put off the warning signs of a high pitched squeal and wait until you feel a grinding or the ABS sensor it is definitely time to get get into our Richmond shop. This often occurs when the pad has worn completely and is impacting the rotor. If brought in right away we have a chance of saving you money. Waiting longer you may experience a "Soft" or "Hard" feeling when you press on the brake pedal. In the final stages of brake failure you can feel a bounce or shake in the steering wheel or front end of your car or truck when braking.

Best Brake Repair in Richmond

Brake repair is just one of the important services which we pride ourselves on building relationships that last a lifetime. We've proved that with bringing quality automotive repairs since 1978! Many of our customers have become parents and grandparents since our relationship has started and grown. We know how to treat people like family and do the repairs that save you money and give you all the options so that you can make an informed decision on your Brake repairs and all your vehicle's needs. We look forward to building that relationship with you. Give us a call or schedule your brake repair service needs in Richmond VA online today!

Brake Job in Richmond VA

Richmond Disc & Drum Brake Repair

When you start to hear your Richmond vehicle squeak, squeal or grind it's time to get your brakes inspected. No need to panic we have the ASE certified mechanics and the decades of experience to take care of you like family and get you back in the Richmond VA roads. Our automotive processes have been developed every year with ongoing training for our Mechanics, our updates to the computerized analysis equipment and friendly staff. When you are ready to save your money and still have a great running and quality brakes in Richmond VA give us a call.

Disc Drum Brake Repair Richmond

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